Project Brief:

The objective with Vinyl Sound was to provide a user-friendly experience to website users and potential customers. With such a large inventory, it was necessary that site visitors be able to navigate and find specific content with ease. This sort of experience and funtionality was standard with other e-commerce sites in the industry. 

However, it was clear that most other sites delivered good user experience through complex product segmentations and collections  but they lacked in good design. So, we took on the challenge, to not only meet the functionality and performance standards the industry was experiencing but to raise the bar on a professional and eye-catching design. 


Step 01

Gather all information

Our team gathered relevant data and information from competitor sites and vendors in order to put together a strategy that we truly believed in. Some of our findings indicated that users should be able to find a specific product through multiple avenues. Another, finding indicated that for stores in the Hi-Fi audio systems niche benefited from a consultation system where potential customers could easily book an informative meeting in order to make good purchase decisions. 


Step 02

Find Solution & Solve it

As per our findings we had to create an extremely user friendly product organization system. In order to do this we created multi condition collections and each product was linked to a collection in more than 1 way. For a booking system, we integrated powerful 3rd party application that allowed for easy booking and scheduling for both the consumer and admin.


Step 03

Finally Get the Result

In the end, we created a beautiful site that delivers a seamless customer experience. We were able to achieve both the functionality and design standards we set up ourselves for within the clients budget and timeline. 

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